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               Identity of the Company

               Parmalat overview

               Parmalat S.p.A., is a company on the Online Stock Exchange, controlled by the Lactalis Group since July 15, 2011,
               with  headquarters  in  Italy,  in  Collecchio  (PR).  The  Parmalat  Group  is  a  world  leader  in  the  production  and
               distribution of foods that are irreplaceable for everyday wellness: milk and dairy products (yogurt, cream-based
               sauces, desserts and cheese) and fruit beverages.

               More than 26,000 people work at Parmalat locations in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia. The Group has a
               direct presence in 24 countries and operates 93 production sites. Parmalat has a strong tradition of innovation and
               develops high value-added products to improve the nutrition of its consumers. The Group’s product portfolio includes
               global brands, such as Parmalat for milk and dairy products and Santàl for fruit beverages; international brands, such
               as Zymil and Vaalia, used for functional products with a high value-added; other strong local brands, such as Beatrice,
               Lactantia, Black Diamond and Astro in Canada; Pauls, Ice Break, Oak, Breaka, Harvey Fresh, Tamar Valley and Ski in
               Australia; Centrale del Latte di Roma, Chef, Berna, Sole, Puro Blu and Carnini in Italy; Sorrento in the United States of
               America; Balkis, Batavo, Boa Nata and Elegé in Brazil; Bonnita, Everfresh, Steri Stumpie and Melrose in South Africa;
               Frica and La Campiña in Venezuela; Esmeralda, El Ciervo and Mariposa in Mexico; Galbani and Président, brands
               licensed on an exclusive basis to the LAG Group, for the entire Western Hemisphere.


               Parmalat is a food-industry group with a multinational strategy that seeks to increase the well-being of consumers
               throughout the world. The ultimate purpose of the Group is to create value for its shareholders while adhering to
               ethical  principles  of  business  conduct,  to  perform  a  useful  social  function  by  fostering  the  professional
               development  of  its  employees  and  associates,  and  to  serve  the  communities  within  which  it  operates  by
               contributing to their economic and social progress.
               The Group’s objective is to establish Parmalat as one of the top players in the global market for foods with high
               value added, which deliver improved nutrition and wellness to consumers, and attain clear leadership in selected
               product categories and countries with high growth potential.

               Values of the Group

               Parmalat  is  committed  to  achieving  the  highest  standards  of  Corporate  Governance  and  Social  Responsibility
               within the Group and complying with the principles of business ethics, honesty and fair dealing, with the utmost
               respect for the laws governing its industry.

               Parmalat’s fundamental values are:

               1.  Ambition
               Performance, Continuous Improvement, Employee Training and Development.

               2.  Engagement
               Entrepreneurship, Tenacity, Responsibility, Loyalty.

               3.  With simplicity
               Accessibility, Transparency, Pragmatism.

               1  The data and information contained in this chapter refer to the entire scope of consolidation of the Group's consolidated financial statements
               at December 31, 2017, making them homogeneous with those listed in the Report on Operations.

               8                       Consolidated Non-financial Statement at December 31, 2017 Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 254/2016
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