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               The Group’s strategy is aimed at creating value for all shareholders and stakeholders and is based on the following
               fundamental milestones:

                   -  Consolidating  and  growing  the  business  in  those  areas  where  the  Group  is  already  present  and
                      expanding  geographically  to  emerging  and  strategic  countries,  with  the  aim  of  achieving  a  balanced
                      development between mature and emerging countries;
                   -  Strengthening its positions as a leader or co-leader in the markets where it operates;
                   -  Establishing a presence in all dairy categories (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, butter, powdered milk and
                      desserts) and in the fruit juice category, with a complete product portfolio;
                   -  Leveraging its portfolio of brands, both global and local, that occupy preeminent positions in the markets
                      where they compete;
                   -  Pursuing continuous innovation to provide optimum responses to customer needs and new consumption
                   -  Benefiting from the technological knowhow and the brand portfolio of the Lactalis Group;
                   -  Guaranteeing the  quality and  safety of its products through constant  controls at every phase of the
                      production process, from the selection of raw materials to the testing of finished products;
                   -  Continuously  improving  operational  and  production  processes  with  the  aim  of  achieving  industrial
                   -  Deploying  a  constant  commitment  to  the  development  of  the  Group’s  activities  with  a  sustainability
                      approach at every phase of each product’s lifecycle, “from the field to the table.”

               Business Model
               Parmalat is a multinational entity that produces and markets its products with the objective of satisfying the well-
               being of its consumers worldwide.

               Parmalat  addresses  different  markets  and  different  cultures  and,  necessarily,  different  needs;  this  entails
               continuous challenges to satisfy the needs of all consumers, acting both directly, i.e. through its own organization,
               and indirectly, through the active engagements of the players in its value chain, beginning with the suppliers of
               raw materials up to the suppliers that the Group uses in the logistics and distribution areas: all of these actors are
               present in the different areas where the Group produces and markets its products.

               To face these challenges, the Group has engaged for several years in activities designed to develop a sustainable
               business as it relates to the environment and the communities within which it conducts its business activities.

               The objective is not merely to reduce the potential impact on the territories were the Group operates, but also to
               provide  meaningful  contributions  in  economic  and  social  terms,  with  the  knowledge  that  creating  value  in  an
               increasingly  competitive  context  is  the  true  challenge  of  the  future.  In  this  regard,  one  of  the  key  factors  of
               Parmalat’s success at the global level is its ability to innovate and develop, produce and market product that are in
               tune with new market needs and capable of continuing the development of a trust-based relationship with its

               With  this  in  mind,  the  Group  is  constantly  pursuing  investments  aimed  both  at  innovating  and  increasing  and
               optimizing its production capacity, so as to meet demand from its customers, while at the same time guaranteeing
               the quality of the raw materials used for the product being marketed. Ongoing investments are also carried out to
               improve energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and the safety of work environments.

               Consolidated Non-financial Statement at December 31, 2017 Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 254/2016   9
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