In accordance with Law No. 179 of December 29, 2017 and consistent with the provisions of its Organization, Management and Control Model, Parmalat S.p.A. (hereinafter “Parmalat”) developed Guidelines that, with the aim of protecting the entity’s integrity, define the modalities for reporting active or passive unlawful conduct that constitutes or could constitute a violation of or an inducement to violate laws, regulations, values and principles embodied in the Code of Conduct and the Organization, Management and Control Model of Parmalat and its Italian and foreign subsidiaries (if and when applicable) (hereinafter “Parmalat Group” or the “Group”), internal control principles, company policies and regulations or conduct that, within the framework of transactions executed by one or more Group companies, could cause damages of any type (e.g., economic damage, environmental damage, damage to the safety of employees or external parties or mere image damage) to said companies, as well as to customers, shareholders, partners, third parties and, more generally, the community.

Violation reports shall be detailed and submitted in good faith.

Violation reports may also be submitted anonymously.

Parmalat is committed to protecting whistleblowers from any form of retaliation or discrimination carried out because of the violation report. In addition, it shall address all confidentiality and security issues in the protection of the personal data both of whistleblowers and reported violators and in the treatment of information through the adoption of secure protocols and the use of tools not accessible by Group personnel.

The identity of whistleblowers shall not be disclosed without his/her consent, except when required by law.

Parmalat designated the Chairman of the Oversight Board as the party responsible for managing violation reports.

Violation reports may be submitted in the manner specified in the Whistleblowing Guidelines or directly through this page.

Whistleblower data

Surname, Name:
Relationship with Parmalat:

Content of violation report

Period during the fact occurrence*:
Who did the violation:
How it was discovered:
I think that what occurred is:
Event Description*:

* Mandatory field

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